The life of your pet is a celebration of sorts, and every day you and your special friend share together is a gift to be cherished. But inevitably, you will have to say good-bye when your pet passes on, and this will be met with a flood of emotions--a combination of grief, sorrow, and perhaps even a sense of gratefulness for the joy your pet brought during its life.  Along with those emotions comes a desire to memorialize your pet, to create a fitting tribute for the gift of life and joy that special friend brought into your world. 

This is one of the reasons the Loving Hearts Tribute Series was created--to find a creative alternative to simple burial or cremation, to pay tribute to those lives that bring so much joy into our lives--and so that the celebration of life can continue well beyond the life span of our special friends.

Loving Hearts Pet Memorials

Each individual heart-themed print in the Loving Hearts Tribute Series is part of a limited-edition set of 100 pieces, signed and numbered by the artist. The prints are of museum-caliber giclee on stretched canvas that can either hang free or be displayed within a frame, and prints are available in three different sizes. Once you have selected your piece, the artist personalizes it by hand-finishing the print with a special coating containing the ashes, fur or feathers of your pet, according to your wishes. The result is a truly unique art piece that serves as a constant reminder of the joyful bond you shared with your friend.

A grave marker doesn't do justice to your feelings, and ashes in an urn only serve to remind you of loss. But the remains of your pet can be blended into a work of art that will continue to bring joy and hope to you and to others for many years to come.

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A portion of the proceeds from each order goes to support the fine works of Kinder4Rescue

In a cosmic sense it's gratifying to see the Loving Heart that celebrates the passing of one pet help another pet find a happy home.

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Each Loving Hearts Tribute Series starts with an original fine art painting.

Next a limited edition of one hundred gallery wrapped, museum quality giclee
prints on canvas are produced.

The artist then hand paints an overcoat onto the giclee, embedding your pet's
ashes forever in the Loving Heart of your choice.

Available in three sizes to fit any
decor, Loving Hearts celebrate the life and unconditional love of your pet.

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