Your dog, cat or bird really becomes more like a friend than just a pet; that's what makes it so difficult to say good-bye. Not only is there the natural grieving process, but there might even be a sense of gratefulness, also--gratefulness for the joy and love your beloved pet brought you during its life.  That's why when a pet dies, it's appropriate to want some sort of pet remembrance--a memorial or tribute, something to acknowledge the blessing your friend has been to you over the years.

The Loving Hearts Tribute Series of paintings is meant for these occasions of remembrance, not just for the moment, but for an ongoing celebration of the life of your special friend.

Loving Hearts Pet Memorials

Your limited-edition, museum-quality giclee print is signed and numbered by the artist, then lovingly hand-finished with the ashes, fur or feathers of your pet embedded in the final coat.  In this way, your pet is remembered in a very tangible way, within a of a one-of-a-kind art piece.  The artist makes only one hundred prints of each piece in the series, each piece made more unique by the embedding process.  The artwork is done on gallery wrapped canvas suitable for public display in your office, living room or bedroom, by itself or in a frame. Family and friends won't know the secret of your special painting unless you tell them, but they will be inspired by the artwork.  Prints are available in three different sizes, and can be pre-ordered to ensure you reserve your numbered piece.

Pet remembrances should be a celebration of life, not simply a reminder of death. The Loving Hearts Tribute Series was created to inspire rather than to mourn, as a healing point for grief rather than an extension of it. This kind of pet remembrance is a great way to turn loss back into joy.

bunny memorial

I am very moved by your creations. Does one need a source of pain to deliver true art? Your "Antares Heart" is stunning. To me it was a glimpse of a universe. Both filled of complete darkness...and a very strong belief in a heaven, something godlike. I am very passionate about the universe, myself. So the vision and idea of a universe filled of longings and glimpses of grief, wow. Such a beautiful thing...

Loving Hearts Tribute

If you, or a loved one, has recently experienced the heart wrenching loss of a pet and are interested in ordering a Loving Hearts Tribute Series limited edition, museum quality giclee to help celebrate the unconditional love you, or your loved one experienced with your pet, please click the PLACE YOUR ORDER button below.

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