Only someone who has experienced the loss of a pet can fully understand what it is like; it can be every bit as traumatic as losing a member of the family.  When a friend loses a pet, we might feel at a loss as to how to help--what to say, how to offer condolences, or what to give as a fitting memorial gift.  Whether or not you have experienced pet loss, you can do something special for a friend or family member who is going through this grief.  Why not consider a meaningful and far more lasting alternative to giving flowers or cards, by ordering a limited-edition art piece from the Loving Heart Tribute Series?

Loving Hearts Pet Memorials

Each of these remarkable heart-themed prints is made of museum-caliber giclee--only 100 of each piece in the series, signed and numbered by the artist.  The print you order for your friend or loved one will be hand-finished by the artist with the pet's ashes, fur or feathers embedded in the final coat--thereby creating a truly unique and meaningful art piece that celebrates the life of the pet.

This beautiful artwork is appropriate for display in any public or private setting, printed on gallery wrapped canvas that can hang framed or unframed. The artwork is such that no one but you and your friend need to know the story behind it, unless you choose to share it with others--but it will serve as a constant celebratory reminder of the life of your friend's beloved pet. Three sizes are available, and if there is a specific series piece you want, you can pre-order it to ensure it does not run out.

The Loving Hearts Tribute Series is a pet memorial gift that will continue to bring joy and inspiration for a lifetime. What more fitting tribute could there be to the life of a pet than the creation of a lasting work of art?

Loving Hearts Tribute

Each Loving Hearts Tribute Series starts with an original fine art painting.

Next a limited edition of one hundred gallery wrapped, museum quality giclee prints on canvas are produced.

The artist then hand paints an overcoat onto the giclee, embedding your pet's ashes forever in the Loving Heart of your choice.

Available in three sizes to fit any
decor, Loving Hearts celebrate the life and unconditional love of your pet.

If you, or a loved one, has recently experienced the heart wrenching loss of a pet and are interested in ordering a Loving Hearts Tribute Series limited edition, museum quality giclee to help celebrate the unconditional love you, or your loved one experienced with your pet, please click the PLACE YOUR ORDER button below.

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