Let's face facts--the loss of a pet can be excruciating. As pet lovers, this is something we know all too well. Your dog, cat or bird was a treasured family member, and saying good-bye can be as difficult as if it were your own offspring.  How do you deal with the loss in a way that processes the grief while expressing honor and gratitude for the life of your pet?

The Loving Hearts Tribute Series was created just for this purpose; the artist actually started the series to process personal grief over the loss of a beloved pet, and then continued painting in a desire to help others in the same manner.

Loving Hearts Pet Memorials

Each art piece in the Loving Hearts Tribute Series is a heart-themed limited-edition print--only 100 of each are made. The prints are of museum-quality giclee, set on gallery wrapped canvas, aesthetically pleasing and displayable with or without a frame. Your individualized print will be signed and numbered, then hand-finished by the artist by embedding the the ashes, fur or feathers of your special friend in the final layer of the painting. In this way, your pet essentially becomes part of a unique, lasting piece of art that will continue to inspire others for many years to come--turning loss into a daily reminder and celebration of life.

Grave markers and urns (the typical pet memorials) serve mainly as a focal point and reminder of death. The Loving Hearts Tribute Series provides an alternate way to memorialize your special friend--by creating artwork in a celebration of life rather than death.  Dealing with the loss of a pet is never easy, but transforming that loss into something inspirational is one of the most special ways you can give honor to the life of your pet--and in the process, the healing can begin.


dog memorial

I am a bit overwhelmed by your website....I feel so much passion for life as I read your poetry, your journal, and saw your paintings... incredible woman that you are!
I must admit that when I first read about mixing the ashes of your pet to help create a celebration of her life...I was a little "taken back"...not in a bad way, just more like " does that feel to me" know, like I was checking in with my feelings about it...
I then started to feel the significance of such a creative and loving endeavor, and can honestly see and feel the beauty in your work.  It seems to me the utmost in loving remembrance of a loved create something beautiful from the physical essence of one's body as their soul departs the earthy vessel they have resided in for this particular stay on

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