When we lose a pet, even while we are grieving the loss, we must still make decisions about the remains. Do we let the vet deal with them? Do we bury the body and set up a grave marker?  Many of us, when faced with the loss of a pet, turn to cremation as a fitting tribute to our pet.  We are then faced with the choice of what to do with their cremains (ashes).

Some people place the ashes in an urn. However, this doesn't always help with the grieving process, because just like a grave marker, an urn is a symbol and reminder of death. Pet cremation doesn't have to be this way, however. The Loving Hearts Tribute Series was created as a way to include the cremains of your beloved friend in the creation of something beautiful--something that celebrates life and love, rather than death.

By hand finishing your choice from our Loving Heart Tribute Series with a layer of paint, mixed with the ashes, we create a personalized, lasting tribute for your pet.  Let's face it, urns are symbols of sadness and aren't really appropriate as a focal point.  Loving Heart Tributes are celebrations of your pet and are appropriate to display as a daily reminder of all the joy your pet brought you throughout its life.

Loving Hearts Pet Memorials

The Loving Hearts Tribute Series is a special set of limited edition heart-themed paintings.  From each original painting, only 100 prints are made, and each print is made from museum-quality giglee, then signed and numbered. What makes each piece unique, however, is that your selected limited-edition print is hand-finished by the artist with a final coat containing the ashes of your special friend--creating a beautiful piece of art that can be proudly displayed in your living room, bedroom or office, with or without a frame. Your friends won't know what's special about this artwork unless you tell them--but you will always know, and it will serve as a celebration of your pet's life, and a daily reminder of the loving memories you and your beloved friend have shared together.

Your pet's cremains don't need to sit in an urn, and they don't have to be scattered to the wind, never to be seen again.  They can now become part of a timeless work of art, something that will bring joy and inspiration for many years to come.

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A portion of the proceeds from each order goes to support the fine works of Kinder4Rescue

In a cosmic sense it's gratifying to see the Loving Heart that celebrates the passing of one pet help another pet find a happy home.

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