Choosing a pet memorial gift for a friend who has lost a pet is no easy task. It can be difficult to know what kind of gift would be meaningful to your grieving friend.  Some of the best-intended gifts can come off as trite or meaningless, because that pet sculpture or portrait or trinket looks nothing like the pet that was lost.  What your friend wants and needs is a personalized pet memorial--something that can speak to the soul about the life of the pet that has passed away, and hopefully bring some much needed healing.

This is exactly what the Loving Hearts Tribute Series is intended to do.

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Each piece in the Loving Hearts Tribute Series is a hand finished, personalized, museum quality giclee print.  The artwork is presented on gallery wrap canvas, suitable for hanging alone or in a frame, and four different sizes are available.  Unlike other pet memorials that try in vain to capture the likeness of the deceased pet, these heart-themed pieces are abstract works of art, enabling the recipient to derive a personal sense of interpretation and meaning. To make the piece truly unique and personalized, the artist finishes it with a final layer containing the ashes or feathers of the deceased pet--creating a one-of-a-kind art piece that celebrates the life of the pet on a soul level.  The finished product is a truly personalized pet memorial, one that can bring comfort and inspiration to your friend for many years to come.

Too many pet memorials either memorialize the moment of death (as opposed to celebrating life), or worse, have little or no meaning whatsoever for the recipient. Thankfully, there is now a way to give your grieving friend a personalized pet memorial--a unique heart-themed piece of art that truly speaks to the heart.

How It Works

Loving Heart

Each Loving Hearts Tribute Series starts with an original fine art painting.

Next a limited edition of one hundred gallery wrapped, museum quality giclee
prints on canvas are produced.

The artist then hand paints an overcoat onto the giclee, embedding your pet's
ashes forever in the Loving Heart of your choice.

Available in three sizes to fit any
decor, Loving Hearts celebrate the life and unconditional love of your pet.

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