Your dog, cat or bird is unique, a one-of-a-kind creature--which is why it is so difficult when you must inevitably say good-bye. You may be able to get another pet, but you can never replace a friend. The Loving Hearts Tribute Series is designed both to reflect and to celebrate this uniqueness. This is why we've created a set of options that allow you to make your particular pet memorial as special and unique as your pet was in life.

Loving Hearts Pet Memorials

Option 1:  Selecting your hand-finished print
Each piece in the Loving Hearts Tribute Series is a hand finished print made uniquely for your pet.  At any given time, the artist will have at least four different Loving Hearts images available.  Additionally, you may pre-order any current print in the series, to ensure that one is reserved for you before that series terminates.

Option 2: Selecting the size of your print
Three sizes of each print are available: 16 x 20, 24 x 30, and 30 x 40, Only one hundred of each type print is made, regardless of the size, so this is a matter of preference only; no matter which size you select, you're assured your print is one out of one hundred total pieces.

Option 3: Selecting how the remains are embedded
Once you've selected a print type and size, the artist will hand-finish the piece with many additional hand painted layers containing the remains of your pet. This can be cremated remains (ashes), fur, or feathers (if your pet is a bird). Each option may slightly affect the texture of the finished product, but again is a matter of choice.

Option 4: Special commissions
If none of these options satisfies, the artist is available for special commissions.  Click here to find out more.


woman with dog
            and cat

Wanted to tell the world how I was blessed in past few days to have gotten to know a very special lady who shows what true beauty is .

True beauty is indeed spiritual, God given and comes from the inside out and not the opposite way that society tends to want it to appear. 

God bless her and her work as well as trying to help us realize that in death they are not gone, just in another plane of existance. Most of all helping us to realize that their spirit is always with us and we shall all meet again if we beleive and have faith in our dear GOD and his son who died 2 milliniuem plus ago, but is not forgotten or away from us just like our loved ones who pass before us. Life is but a blink of an eye in eternity, but the good  acts as well as not so good can live forever, especially in art works, and poetry. God bless you beautiful lady for all the good you are accomplishing on so many levels.

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