All art pieces in the Loving Heart Tribute Series are limited editions of museum-quality giclee.  This means that only one hundred prints will ever be made from each original piece in the series, regardless of size.  Once one hundred prints have been made, the master giclee scan is destroyed.

Loving Hearts Pet Memorials

What is the significance of limited-edition prints?  Why would we only make one hundred prints of a certain art piece, when certainly we could sell more?  There are a couple of reasons why we do it this way:

1. Creating a limited quantity of an art item creates rarity, which increases the overall value of the artwork.  When you order a limited-edition piece from the Loving Hearts Tribute Series, you are guaranteed that no matter which piece you choose, only ninety-nine similar prints will ever exist anywhere in the world. This increases the possibility that even though you would probably never sell the art, the potential is there for its financial value to increase over time.

2. Your pet is truly one of a kind and unique; you can get another pet, but each pet will be unique in itself. The idea behind the Loving Hearts Tribute Series is to create a memorial art piece that reflects your pet's uniqueness and individuality. Not only is your print a limited-edition piece, but when we embed your pet's ashes in the final layer of one of these pieces, we literally make it a one-of-a-kind piece of art--a treasure as rare as your pet was in life.

Of course, the down side of creating only limited-edition pieces means that when a certain piece runs out, it is gone forever.  This is why if you see a print you like, we encourage you to pre-order it so you are ensured that one of those numbered prints is held for you on reserve.



Thank you again for Fajita's Loving Heart. I lit her candles tonight and I prayed. She told me to pass on to you that hearts are good.

It's about compassion, angels, nature, colors, animals and light. What we most are connected to is unconditional love, peace and joy.  So mix up those things and you have what animal people are about.

We are about unconditional light and love. We are about truth and mostly we have pets because at least they understand us. LOL--we are about being understood.

              Heart Pet Memorial Gift

If you, or a loved one, has recently experienced the heart wrenching loss of a pet and are interested in ordering a Loving Hearts Tribute Series limited edition, museum quality giclee to help celebrate the unconditional love you, or your loved one experienced with your pet, please click the PLACE YOUR ORDER button below.

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