Because the The Loving Hearts Tribute Series is a unique offering that has only recently been made available to the market, there are necessarily questions about how the whole thing works.

Q: What exactly is a giclee?
A:  A giclee is a museum quality reproduction of an original artwork printed on canvas.  We offer more information on the giclee process here.

Q: How long will it take for my order to arrive?
A:  The clock starts ticking from the time we receive your payment and cremains.  Expect your limited edition, signed and numbered, museum quality giclee in Loving Hearts Tribute Series to arrive within two to three weeks.

Q: How much ashes (cremains) should I send?
A: The tendancy of most people is to send too much.  One tablespoon of ashes is sufficient. 

Q: What's the best way to send you my cremains?
A:  The best way is to send them in a tightly sealed small ziploc bag.  Put the ziploc bag inside an envelope and seal it.  Mark this envelope Pet Cremains.  Put this envelope inside another envelope and mail it.  Above all, make sure the cremains are sealed completely.  Often, your pet crematorium will send them for you.
Q: What if I don't have ashes or want to send fur or feathers, etc.?
A:  Frankly, ashes are by far the best for the Loving Hearts Tribute Series.  We realize sometimes cremation is not the option you chose which makes getting ashes problematic.  Just try and think in terms of scale:  if it were ashes you were sending me, I'd only need a tablespoon or so.  Same goes with fur and feathers.

Q: Where should I send my pet cremains?
A:  Once you place your order, you will receive an email with packing instructions on how and where to send your pet's cremains or other remembrance.

Q: What if I want a different size Loving Hearts Tribute Painting than you currently offer?
A:  Currently, we offer three sizes of Loving Hearts Tribute Paintings: small (16" x 20"); medium (24" x 30"); and large (30" x 40").  If you want a custom size that is smaller than our largest size (currently 30" x 40") we can accommodate you at a reasonable rate.  If you desire a custom size that is larger than our largest size (currently 30" x 40") we are unable to accomodate your request unless you choose the custom option below.

Q: Are the Loving Hearts Tribute Series Limited to Dogs, Cats and Birds?
A:  No.  We offer our Loving Hearts Tribute Series for all pets who can be cremated.

Q: Since these are limited editions, what if I want a Loving Hearts Tribute Series that has been sold out?
A:  At this point, we have no plans for offering re-prints of any Loving Hearts Tribute Series whose limited edition run of 100 prints has been sold out.  In order to guarantee you receive the Loving Hearts image that you desire, we suggest you order it in advance so that we may put it aside for you until it's needed.

Q: Do you ever do custom requests?
A:  Yes, we are open to custom requests and commissioned original images.  Please email us to discuss further.

Loving Hearts
            Pet Memorial

Each Loving Hearts Tribute Series starts with an original fine art painting.

Next a limited edition of one hundred gallery wrapped, museum quality giclee
prints on canvas are produced.

The artist then hand paints an overcoat onto the giclee, embedding your pet's
ashes forever in the Loving Heart of your choice.

Available in three sizes to fit any
decor, Loving Hearts celebrate the life and unconditional love of your pet.

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