A special bond develops between Man and Man's Best Friend.  To dog lovers, there is no similar relationship on earth.  The loss of a dog can turn your world upside down.  I know because I too have gone through the sudden separation.  The sadness is overwhelming. 

I designed The Loving Hearts Tribute Series of limited edition pet memorials on canvas, to help me deal with the loss.  After finding how much they helped me get through this difficult phase, and how they taught me to celebrate all the joy and comfort my dog had given me through the years, rather than mourn their absence, I painted a few more of these memorials for some dear friends who had also lossed their friends.  They too found they helped.

Loving Hearts Pet Memorials

There's a reason we call them "man's best friend." The bond that forms between dog and human is truly unlike any other. Your dog truly becomes your friend, your comrade, your confidant, a member of the family; that's why it can be so difficult when the time comes to say good-bye. Losing a dog really does feel like losing your best friend.

A friendship like this deserves to be commemorated and celebrated, that's exactly the idea behind the Loving Hearts Tribute Series. Your signed, numbered, limited-edition heart-themed print is lovingly hand-finished with the ashes of your pet in the final coating, so the bond between you and your dog is forever memorialized on the canvas. In this way, even as you process the grief, you can celebrate the life of your beloved friend by a work of art that will bring joy to you and others for many years to come.

Because only one hundred prints are made from each painting in the series, you can be assured that your Loving Hearts Tribute is as special as your friend is. Three different sizes are available, and you can even pre-order a specific print ahead of time to reserve your number in the series. Prints are of museum-quality giclee on gallery wrap canvas, aesthetically pleasing with or without a frame, and suitable for display in your living room, office, bedroom, library, or anywhere else you would like to display it. 

There are many ways to memorialize your pet, but so many of them simply remind you of the loss. Why not remember your beloved dog in a way that joyfully celebrates his or her life?  What better way to pay tribute to the life of your friend than to include their remains as part of an inspiring work of art?

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Your web site is simply amazing. I had no idea you had so much creative juices flowing from within. Your tribute art reflects one's life by extending intense energy and memories into the spirit of the soul.

You've achieved a remarkable accomplishment by mixing  ashes and beautiful colors  together.  Your paintings are quite expressive and inspirational. Your heart is touched by God which is an extraordinary gift to be able to give to others.  Lots of hugs from me to you.

Loving Hearts
                        Tribute Painting

Each Loving Hearts Tribute Series starts with an original fine art painting.

Next a limited edition of one hundred gallery wrapped, museum quality giclee
prints on canvas are produced.

The artist then hand paints an overcoat onto the giclee, embedding your pet's
ashes forever in the Loving Heart of your choice.

Available in three sizes to fit any
decor, Loving Hearts celebrate the life and unconditional love of your pet.

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