For a dozen years or so, everyday you wake up with your feline friend.  When times are tough, they bring a smile to your face.  When times are great, they are there to share it.  And then one day, cat-astrophe.  The void is more than you could ever comprehend.  The loss is staggering.  As a pet owner ourselves, we know how hard the death of your cat can be. 

Rather than mourn, and be reminded of the loss everytime we look at an urn or marker, The Loving Hearts Tribute Series of limited edition pet memorials on canvas are designed to celebrate our dearly departed pet.  They are a way of remembering our pets and gathering strength from this, which we know deep in our hearts, is exactly what they'd want us to be doing.

Loving Hearts Pet Memorials

You and your cat have a special bond. A cat becomes a companion, a comfort, a steady presence in good times and bad. But inevitably, your feline friend passes away, leaving a void that is difficult to fill. Rather than having an urn or a grave marker that simply reminds you of that void, why not commemorate the life of your cat with something that inspires and celebrates life?

The Loving Hearts Tribute Series is designed for exactly this purpose. A special, limited-edition giclee heart-themed print is signed, numbered, and lovingly hand-finished using the cremains of your special friend. In this way, your cat becomes part of a lasting, individualized, one-of-a-kind art piece that is suitable for display in your home or office--a constant reminder of the love and joy your friend brought you in life.

Loving Hearts Tribute prints are made in limited-edition series of 100 pieces each, and come in three sizes.  Each piece is signed and numbered by the artist, and you can pre-order your print in any active series to reserve your numbered piece. The artwork is done on gallery-stretched canvas that can be displayed both with or without a frame. Your particular print will be individualized by including your cat's ashes in the final, hand finished coating.

Artwork inspires us, brings us joy, and enriches our lives. Your Loving Hearts Tribute Series limited edition giclee print will be a striking addition to your home or office decor, a conversation piece for friends and visitors.  Whether or not you choose to tell the story behind the painting, it will always serve as a reminder to you of that special bond between you and your feline friend. What more fitting way could there be to celebrate the life of your cat?



Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You obviously listened and my God you heard me.  I can't say anything else at this moment as I am quite honored, surprised, shocked and am in disbelief as to how this all ended up after a sweet lunch at Buzz's. 

My biggest heart and love to you. I just can't say much more right now..I have to settle down a bit.

You have put my Melissa in the best place...she will now be with us forever and ever. We miss her. Even though she was so CRAZY..I guess that is why we miss her so much. Thank you for helping us heal.

pet memorial painting

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