What could be a more fitting tribute to your precious feathered friend than the Limited Edition Loving Hearts Tribute Series? A signed and numbered print, museum-quality giclee, hand-finished with the ashes or feathers of your parakeet, cockatoo, parrot, canary, macaw or other species, creates a joyful, one-of-a-kind memorial that is as special as your bird. Although nothing will completely replace the companionship of your friend, this personalized Loving Hearts Tribute print will enable your pet bird to be part of a lasting work of art, bringing continued inspiration and joy well beyond their life span. 

Loving Hearts Pet Memorials

Your Loving Hearts Tribute Series print will be a unique piece of art, because only 100 prints of each painting will be made, and because your individual print will have your bird's remains embedded in the final layer. Three different sizes are available.  You can also reserve a limited-edition print by pre-ordering, to be certain that your favorite version of the Loving Hearts series will be available and ready.

Other memorials such as photographs, urns or keepsake boxes typically remind us more of the sadness often associated with death, rather than the celebration of the life of the beloved pet you once had the joy of spending time with. Unlike those memorials, the Loving Hearts Tribute Series helps celebrate the memory of life with a vibrant and inspiring work art that can be proudly displayed in your living room, dining room, office, hallway or bedroom.

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Thank you very much for the painting you have made in memory of my Richie.

It has touched both my mom and I very much and we are very grateful for the painting. It is very beautiful and I look at it every day.

Hopefully, time will slightly mend the big rift in our hearts and I believe that this painting will give us relief and satisfaction with his spirit.

Again thank you and aloha.

Loving Heart
            Tribute Painting

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